About Scarlet

My Background



Born and raised in Texas, I discovered my love of art at a very young age, painting alongside my dad and Bob Ross. I took every art class I could every year in school, and even minored in art in college.

Horses have always been my favorite subject and I began my official art career doing detailed oil horse portraits. Over time that evolved into more abstract and decor-type art. In the summer of 2015 I decided to try my hand at painting skulls and I was hooked! There's just something amazing about their natural beauty and structure and I love giving new life and purpose to something that may have otherwise been discarded and forgotten.

My Medium


Longhorn skulls have become my favorite canvas by far, but I love working on just about any type of skull. 

Some of the materials I use include special oxidizing metal paints and genuine crushed turquoise. It's very important to me to use high quality materials.

My Process


I do every bit of work myself, from sourcing skulls, cleaning and preparing them, painting, and shipping.

The longhorns I use are from local ranches here in Texas, so I have to do all the processing myself. I use a cleaning method called maceration, and use peroxide for disinfecting and whitening. I clean and oil the horns to bring out their natural beauty.

You can be assured you're getting a quality skull that was processed with careful attention paid to all the little details.